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Secmer® Multicast machines

Operators are seeking a heavy duty cast polyurethane machine with the flexibility to process a wide range of reactive systems. Multicast machines from Covestro provide an easy-to-handle solution that is built to last and available with a variety of options to meet their needs.

Secmer® MULTICAST machine, Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com
Secmer® MULTICAST machine

Our two- to four-component Multicast machines offer low-pressure processing that is easy to handle and capable of heavy-duty use. The Multicast could be designed with the flexibility to handle various resin or foam systems with a broad range of viscosities and ratios.

Based on the same functioning principles as for other Secmer® machines, our Multicast machines offer:

  • A 15-400 liter tank capacity
  • 10 g/min to 300 kg/min output
  • Tank and hose heating up to 90 C

With the Multicast machines the material could be heated and degassed, ratios remain stable thanks to recirculation and pressure control, and mixing is done either in a dynamic or static mode.
Specifically, the Multicast machines offer numerous options:

  • Special pumps for filled products (depending on filler types)
  • Casting activation with foot switch
  • Anti-drop device
  • Agitator
  • Vacuum unit on a separate frame
  • Adaptable static mixing device
  • Additive or pigment direct injection device in the mixing head
  • Heating jacketed steel tanks
  • Mass flowmeters
  • Equipment for air nucleation
  • Integration to an automated production line

The Multicast machines feature our efficient process technology for cast polyurethanes. The machines provide operators with the freedom to focus on molding.

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