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Smart processing unit for small part series and R&D needs

Secmer® Microcast machines

For operators seeking a small machine that combines exact metering, efficient mixing technology and the highest level of process control with powerful heating capabilities, Secmer® Microcast machine is a one-stop solution.

Secmer® MICROCAST machine<br><span style="color: #999;">Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com</span>
Secmer® MICROCAST machine

Secmer® Microcast machines are two-component low-pressure dispensing machines with heating capabilities as hot as 100 C.

Easy to install and operate thanks to a user-friendly interface, they are perfectly suitable for any lab trials, prototypes and can also meet production expectations. Furthermore, they are able to process many reactive systems and are suitable for all casting methods.

With Microcast machines a material can be heated and degassed, ratios remain stable thanks to recirculation and pressure control, and mixing is dynamically done.
Based on the same functioning principles as other Secmer® machines, our Microcast machines feature:

  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced material loss while casting
  • Easy and quick material change
  • A 15 liter tank capacity
  • Powerful electrical heating up to 100°C
  • 10 g/min to 500 g/min output
  • 25 adjustable formulations

Other capacities, such as heating up to 130 C and various optional equipment are also available.
The Microcast machines embed our efficient process technology for cast polyurethanes, so operators can focus on molding.

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