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Secmer® Dosamix machines

Achieving a top-notch cast polyurethane molding requires reliable material preparation, exact metering, mixing technology and the highest level of process control. Our tabletop Secmer® Dosamix machine fulfills all these characteristics.

Secmer® DOSAMIX machine<br><span style="color: #999;">Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com</span>
Secmer® DOSAMIX machine

Leveraging years of molding experience, Covestro has developed an efficient process technology for cast polyurethanes. Our machines embed this workshop cross-expertise so operators can concentrate on molding. With our machines the material is properly conditioned, ratios are stable thanks to recirculation and pressure control, and mixing is dynamically done.

Our Secmer® Dosamix machines are easy to install and operate and feature the same functioning principles and components used in other machines.

The compact Dosamix machine is a two-component low-pressure dispensing machine ideal for prototyping, small parts production or lab trials. The machines feature:

  • A 9 liter tank capacity
  • 5 g/min to 500 g/min output
  • Adjustable recipes

Other capacities and options are available upon request.

The Dosamix machines enable operators to bypass the usual constraints and create an easier path to industrialization of products. Even in high-volume situations our machines provide consistent, high-quality parts. Operators can also cast in critical conditions such as short pot-life systems, ratio sensitive systems or serial productions.

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