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Cast polyurethane solutions

Covestro offers broad and unique portfolio of polyurethane elastomer systems and processing equipment

Decades of experience, skills and expertise in the engineering and production of high-quality cast polyurethane solutions come together at Covestro.

Since Otto Bayer’s discovery of polyurethane in 1937, this amazingly flexible and durable material has become indispensable in a number of everyday applications. Because of its excellent properties it has also replaced numerous other materials.

The unique properties of cast polyurethane elastomers make them ideal for a wide range of uses. These include industrial and mechanical parts as well as applications in mining, oil and gas, printing, material handling and many more industries.

Covestro’s expertise combines cast polyurethane formulations with our Desmodur® product lines, Vulkollan® / Desmodur® 15 (NDI) and low-pressure Baulé® and Secmer® machine technology.

Trade names

Desmodur® cast polyurethane systems offer diverse chemistry and fit an extremely large range of application needs.

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Baulé® processing equipment – flexibility, accuracy and ease of use

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Vulkollan®, based on Desmodur® 15, is one of the most powerful elastomers available with exceptional characteristics.

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Secmer® dosing and mixing units process a wide variety of reactive systems (foam, epoxy and glue) at room temperature.

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