Flexibility and wear resistant systems

Desmodur® Quasi-MDI-based systems for polyurethane elastomers

Quasi-MDI systems provide flexibility through a broad hardness range with excellent wearing resistance, including abrasion and tear resistance.

Quasi-MDI systems - Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com

Quasi-MDI ether-based prepolymers series

In wet, warm surroundings, MDI-ether systems are necessary to prevent hydrolysis damage from water or acids and bases. Depending on the level of performance required, Covestro has formulated PTMEG and PPG versions.

The PTMEG series is appropriate for applications such as hydraulic seals, hydrocyclones and timing belts. The PPG series offers a very low compression set. These systems are intended, for instance, for uses at low temperatures and for the manufacturing of fenders or concrete molds. Some systems of the series are also suitable for food contact applications.

Quasi-MDI ester-based prepolymers series

The MDI-ester quasi systems offer superior abrasion and tear resistance with excellent resistance to chemicals such as hydrocarbons, oils and solvents. It is an ideal choice for applications such as screens, scrapers, PIGs, concrete blades, sheets and vibratory bowls.

The series’ outstanding resistance to solvents also satisfies requirements for squeegee applications. We also offer Desmodur® quasi-MDI-caprolactone-based series with excellent fatigue resistance. It is used for flip-flop screens among other applications.

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