Versatility and outstanding performance

Desmodur® high-performance cast polyurethane systems

Due to their excellent combination of physical properties, polyurethane elastomers are used in a wide range of applications where flexibility and durability are needed. Covestro has been offering Desmodur® systems since shortly after polyurethane was first discovered in 1937.

Cast polyurethane elastomers based on Desmodur® systems from Covestro provide high abrasion and chemical resistance, load-bearing ability, and tunable flexibility.

They can withstand exposure to chemicals and oils, cutting, tearing, sliding and stretching, impacts, and various damaging forces.

Desmodur® systems are also offering many combinations in terms of cost, performance and processing conditions. Our experts will guide you to select the perfect system for your needs.

Our prepolymers are specifically designed while using the full range of available raw materials and most advanced technologies. Careful choice of raw materials and preparation conditions provides polyurethane elastomers with specific performance characteristics:

The performance of Desmodur®-based cast polyurethane elastomers has been repeatedly demonstrated in a wide landscape of applications in mining, oil and gas and construction industries, machine parts and other equipment, wheels and tires of all types, printing rolls and golf balls.

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