Baulé® Machines for Processing of Polyurethane Elastomers

A broad spectrum of possibilities

Baulé® machine technology for polyurethane elastomers

Molding experience, knowledge of polyurethane chemistry and in-house engineering skills combine to make Baulé® machines the most efficient tools for successful cast polyurethane part production. All Baulé® machines are designed with three major guidelines in mind: accuracy, ease of use and easy maintenance.

Covestro offers a comprehensive range of machines and peripherals that enable the manufacture of cast polyurethane parts of all scales. All Baulé® machines meet the requirements of successful cast polyurethane molding – reliable material preparation, precise metering, optimal mixing technology and the highest possible process control.

Key elements of Baulé® machines include:

  • Powerful electrical heating for hot cast polyurethane processing
  • Accurate metering for consistent mixing ratios
  • Dynamic or static mixing system for enhanced mixing
  • Effective material degassing for bubble-free moldings

For optimal processing, all Baulé® machines combine the key elements with specific features:

  • Process parameter control for process reliability
  • Raw material recirculation for temperature uniformity
  • User-friendliness for easy machine handling

A variety of peripherals are available to increase the productivity of machines. Depending on the machine series, operators can implement peripherals, such as:

  • Pigment, catalyst or additive injection
  • Automatic degassers
  • Amine melting
  • Feeding units

Our cast polyurethane solutions overcome usual barriers to industrialize production and offer the possibility to cast despite chemical or processing issues.

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