Cast Polyurethane industrial processing

A new generation of low pressure dispensing machines

As the requirements for quality parts are rising, the industrialization of any manufacturing process represents the ultimate solution to guaranty an even production. The use of a low-pressure processing machine will therefore play a decisive part in securing an optimized production, and will be a potential game-changer for our clients.

Baulé machine head

Throughout its history, Covestro Elastomers has proven to answer to its clients’ needs and circumstances in the best possible way. Today, it is with the same intent that a new concept is born, one that will allow our customers to access a machine that will meet their current and future requirements. Covestro’s technical sales representatives will make it their mission to assist our customers during the creation of their machine. With this fully flexible method, our clients will be able to access a large number of features on their current model.

A new approach to custom-made machinery

With the evolution of their business, our customers see their needs changing at sometimes unexpected speeds. Their requirements suddenly vary from what they were at the time of the purchase. As an answer to this recurring situation, Covestro Elastomers came up with a new concept that will allow our customers to specify which features they want on their machine, and to keep on adjusting it to their needs as their circumstances evolve.

New needs: same machine

It is no longer necessary to go for a new machine: the fully customizable and scalable design enables one to alter and refine the profile of a previously owned machine, or to create the exact tool you have in mind to match your needs.

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