New perspectives for Cast PU industrial processing

Creating perfect match machines

Throughout its history, Covestro Elastomers has proven to answer to its clients’ needs and circumstances in the best possible way. Our engineering team developed a new concept allowing our customers to access a machine that will meet their current and future requirements.

Baulé alpha machine

Thanks to a strong field-knowledge in molding, as well as a long established expertise in chemistry, Covestro offers a broad variety of processing machines. Our deep-seated skills and onsite expertise support our customers with high-quality products, reliable service and innovative solutions.

Covestro Elastomers developped a new concept allows for an even wider outreach thanks to the two main paths our customers can choose to walk.

Baulé® alpha machines

The alpha approach allows our clients to pick from a wide range of features in order to end-up with the machine they need at the moment of their purchase, with the possibility of easily upgrading their model according to their evolving needs. In a precisely elaborated frame, a great number of combinations can be made to suit both the means and needs of every customer.

Thanks to an output ranging from 2 to 30 kg per minute, to a material tank that can go up to 400 liters, and to the possibility of choosing 2 to 4 components, Baulé® alpha machines offer a comprehensive range of options in the designs and features they present.

Baulé® omega machines

Clear of the usual restrictions, Baulé® omega machines allow our customers to design their machine beyond any standard boundaries.

Thanks to our senior engineering team, any viable combination of features is possible. This customized approach has been designed to meet the most demanding and specific requests in order to meet our customers requirements

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