Reduced exposure to chemicals

Improved operator safety: Low Exposure Oven

Safety first is a motto that is heavy with meaning and intent for Covestro. The new Low Exposure Oven allows a safer handling of the products on our machines.

Through constant analysis and assessment, Covestro Elastomers came up with a solution to further perfect the machines’ ovens’ design. Thanks to Covestro Elastomers’ Low Exposure Oven (LEO), opening the machine’s oven now requires to follow a quick, predefined routine, in order to submit all operators to higher safety standards.

This procedure requires of the operator to put in a request to open the oven door on the machine’s Human-Machine Interface. The machine will ensure that all ongoing operations are halted, and that the air inside is drained and evacuated before signaling to the operator that the oven door can be opened.

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