Dynamic, intuitive and interactive asset

Enhanced operator-machine interactions: user-friendly Human-Machine Interface

A highly perfected digital interface is necessary in order to ensure that our clients could easily take advantage of the multiple Baulé® software features.

New Human-Machine screenshot

Baulé®’s Human-Machine Interface has been redesigned to become a most dynamic, intuitive and interactive asset for operators. Displaying the machine’s manufacturing data in real time, this new version provides a smooth browsing experience thanks to its seemless and effective layout.

Numerous options are now available to our clients who wish to cross, compare or compile chosen data that can also be translated into dynamic curves, control panels, or flow sheets. Such information will allow our customers to provide their own clientele with a customized casting report which will stand as a reliable quality guaranty.

Optimized for our clients’ convenience, the screens allow a clear view of any potential irregularities on the machine, while making it a quick and a simple formality to enter all processing values for precisely calibrated results.

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