Efficient and fast heating of the components

Increased heating speed: High Performance Oven

With a heating speed that is twice as fast as the previous ovens’, for an unchanged consumption of energy, the High Performance Oven represents a major breakthrough for heating devices.

Electrical heating, initially promoted by Covestro, is today commonly used due to its numerous advantages versus fluid heating systems, such as a cleaner and easier maintenance.

It is still true that heating with electrical ovens takes more time than fluid-based heating systems do. It may be difficult to use a new batch of product during the same shift due to the heating time that may vary depending on the material’s characteristics. Baulé®’s High Performance Oven (HPO) comes as an answer to this issue. The HPO relies on an innovative way to manage the heated air flow. Compared to classical designs, the heating time of the material is divided by two for an unchanged consumption on energy.

While almost eliminating all drawbacks arising from electrical heating, the Baulé® High Performance Oven continues to be at the forefront of this technology.

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