Error-free and highly accurate calibration

Finest metering accuracy: auto-calibration

One of the key advantages of Baulé® machines’ technology is the ability to keep superior flow accuracy for each component. Our engineering team developed a self-adjusting and automatic calibration mode to maintain a high level of accuracy.


Calibration is an essential step which, through accuracy, guarantees a regular and perfected production. As a manual process, it does require a daily investment of time, effort and precision. Although helpful and effective, this method requires an advanced mastery of the various steps in order to obtain accurate results.

The purpose of this innovation is to have a fully automated, error-free and highly accurate calibration method. Besides Baulé®’s flowmeters solution, Baulé® Auto-calibration guaranties the best accuracy on the market thus far, regardless of what the molding parameters might be.

The invention works in conjunction with software functions that allow a full recording and analysis of the machine’s calibration, while giving the operator the appropriate recommendations for an optimal adjustment of the machine’s working pressure. Rendering this process an automatic one, allows:

  • A complete and adapted calibration of the machine without time-loss
  • Avoids manual operations and possible mistakes
  • Grants key calibration data storage for quality records. 
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