Machine innovations

Faithful to its background, Covestro Elastomers' engineering team has challenged itself in order to come up with the most beneficial and effective solutions to answer the market’s ever-rising expectations.

Polyurethane elastomers require multiple expertises over the processing procedure to achieve best moldings. At Covestro, we are experts in polyurethanes chemicals and casting equipment. Every day we put our expertise and innovation to work for our customers. By listening closely to truly understand their needs, we are able to provide custom solutions that result in satisfied and successful customers.

Our in-house engineering team is focused on designing machines to be the most-efficient, most-reliable and highest quality tools for cast polyurethane part production. To empower the machine accuracy, efficiency and reliability, several innovations have been developed:

With this various upgrades and new features, Covestro Baulé® machines embed new and optimized solutions that have been specifically designed to bring them more productivity, efficiency and safety.

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