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Easy Data: Turn dormant data into manufacturing intelligence

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Baulé® machines’ vast capacities are always a subject of high interest for our engineers. With our machinery becoming smarter with every passing year, it became obvious that one considerably powerful tool we could offer our clients was something the machine itself created: data. A machine gathers a valuable amount of data which has remained unexploited for a long time, despite the numerous possibilities it offers.

To fill this void, Covestro Elastomers came up with a solution that grants our clients access to their machine’s data. Baulé® Easy Data is a service which allows a close monitoring of the machine’s activity for a full understanding and tracking of what unfolds in the production line. The data provided can easily and instantly be translated into a graphically explicit format which gives access to a clear picture of the current state of the machine, as well as to the evolution of its performance.

Reactivity and efficiency being at the core of a high-performance organization, several features have been thought-out to further perfect the efficiency of this tool. Thanks to a very flexible Human-Machine Interface, graphs can be monitored on your own computer, but also compiled and extracted from the machines’ historical records.

Such valuable data can not only be used to follow the proper unfolding of the manufacturing process, but also to extract a customized casting report which will stand as a testimony of the quality of the production. With Baulé® Easy Data offering our customers access to such thorough information, Covestro Elastomers also provides them with an impactful selling point to leverage next to their own clientele.

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