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Easy Assist: Remote interventions for immediate solutions

Easy Assist service

The most important and determining factor for our customers’ daily activities, is to keep their production line going. Unexpected interruptions of the manufacturing schedule have real consequences, which means that the machines must be operational at all times. Covestro Elastomers’ Baulé® Machines have been designed to make complex tasks easy to perform.

Despite Covestro Elastomers’ presence in all regions through its technical centers, situations which require an intervention might still occur at unfortunate timings, which could, in turn, collide with ongoing production constraints. In order to spare our clients the inconvenience that comes with halted productions lines, Covestro Elastomers developed a solution to forgo unnecessary downtimes.

Baulé® Easy Assist is a service that uses the digital devices Baulé® machines are equipped with, in order to allow our technicians a remote access to our clients’ machines. Through this secured connection, our technicians can easily monitor, diagnose and provide assistance from a distance for various operations on the machine. Offering a new alternative to physical interventions, Covestro Elastomers aims at providing our clients with the most convenient, thorough, and efficient services.

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