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Easy Services: optimizing productivity and quality

Thanks to a strong field-knowledge in molding, as well as a long established expertise in chemistry, Covestro offers a broad variety of processing machines. Our deep-seated skills and onsite expertise support our customers with high-quality products, reliable service and innovative solutions.

Customer services

Throughout its history, Covestro Elastomers has made sure to keep the communication lines open in order to stay ahead of our clients’ needs. Customer service is more than just providing answers; at Covestro Elastomers, the assistance we offer both before and after getting our products is an important part of the promise of our brand.

Providing our customers with the best and closest service possible, is what inspired us to create dedicated services that would make their clients’ lives as easy as they can be.

Three services which stand alone as well as they complement one another, for a skillfully crafted answer to any concern:

Designed around our Baulé® machines, the purpose of all Baulé® Easy Services, is to ensure that our customers’ production lines remain perfectly functional and that every potential factor of delay, finds its resolution in an easy and effective way.

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