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Desmodur® MDQ75164 System: ultimate solution for mining applications

Material strength and durability as well as chemical and environmental resistance are important factors in choosing materials for mining equipment. While rubber was traditionally used in many applications, cast polyurethanes progressively took over due to their superior performances. In spite of this trend, special rubber compounds remain the preferred choice in some mining applications because of their specific characteristics.

As a well-established player in mining applications, Covestro has a number of proven cast polyurethane solutions for parts such as: single layer, double-layer and flip-flop screens, trommel parts, hydrocyclones, scrapers, inner pipe coating. However, there are, to this day, specific areas where specific grades of rubber are still favored. This is for instance the case for applications such as hoppers, ball mills and crushers.

Desmodur® MDQ75164 system: the cast PU system that outperforms Rubber in harsh applications

With these barriers in mind, Covestro looked for a polyurethane elastomer solution exceeding the market's standards. Pushing the limits of cast Polyurethane, Covestro developed a dedicated Desmodur® system with outstanding performance in terms of wear resistance. Available from 60 to 95 Shore A, the Desmodur® MDQ75164 systems show excellent behavior in regards to the properties expected in the demanding mining applications:

  • Tear strength
  • Abrasion loss
  • Shock absorption

Desmodur® MDQ75164 system: the enhanced cast PU system for wear resistance

Although conventional MDI-Ester based systems remain a viable solution for usual mining applications such as screens, the Desmodur® MDQ75164 systems represent a significant improvement. Compared with conventional MDI-Ester cast polyurethane, this system demonstrates up to 70 percent better tear resistance.

Easy processing enabling large parts molding

The Desmodur® MDQ75164 systems are easy to process. Combined with their low viscosity components, their manageable pot-life and productive demolding time, allow molders to comfortably cast large parts.


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