Covestro elastomers expertise on display at UTECH Las Americas 2017

Over the UTECH Las Americas show, attendees can get a firsthand look at company’s redesigned cast polyurethane processing machine, materials and applications at Stand 601.

Baulé® COMPACT machine<br><span style="color: #999;">Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve:</span>

Covestro, the inventor and leader in high-tech material solutions, and a global producer of polyurethanes and its derivatives, will be showcasing innovative and sustainable products at the UTECH Las Americas show. The event takes place April 4-6 in Mexico City.

Attendees will have a firsthand look at the redesigned Baulé® Compact Machine for processing cast polyurethanes. The machine’s streamlined design aims to minimize the shop floor footprint and optimize space efficiency. It was designed to fit the specific requirements of demanding workshops.

Covestro will also showcase its Desmodur® based system range. Cast polyurethane elastomers based on Desmodur® systems provide high abrasion and chemical resistance, load-bearing ability, and tunable flexibility. They can withstand exposure to chemicals and oils; cutting, tearing, sliding and stretching, impacts; and various damaging forces. The prepolymers are specifically designed while using the full range of available raw materials and most advanced technologies:

TDI based systems

  • High mechanical properties
  • Easy Processing

MDI based systems

  • Hardness adjustable with same material
  • Good mechanical properties

Amine crosslinked MDI based systems

  • Unique MDI- amine technology
  • Superior performance
  • H&S benefit

In addition, attendees can talk to experts who can discuss Covestro’s advancements for Handling and Mine & Quarry applications.

Join us at UTECH Las Americas 2017

4-6 April 2017

Mexico City

Stand 601

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