Covestro to showcase innovative and sustainable products

Cast Polyurethanes at PU TECH India 2017

Covestro, the inventor and leader in high-tech material solutions, and a global producer of polyurethanes and its derivatives, will be showcasing innovative and sustainable products over the PU TECH India show. Visitors at this gathering will not only learn of our advancements made in Automotive, Construction and Consumer Industries, but will hear industry experts share their experience in Elite Speaker‘s Talk.We are commited in addressing your requirements from the polyurethane industry.

Baulé® COMPACT 3M⊕ machine<br><span style="color: #999;">Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve:</span>

Within the Elastomers area of the Covestro display, the newly redesigned Baulé® Compact machine will be exhibited. Visitors can also talk to Covestro representatives and learn more about cast polyurethane elastomer systems based on MDI, TDI and NDI technologies.

Cast polyurethane processing machine

Booth visitors will have the opportunity to take an up-close look at the machine, while gaining first-hand insight into the latest advancements it offers. The Baulé® Compact Machine streamlined design aims to minimize the shop floor footprint and optimize space efficiency. It has been designed to fit the specific requirements of demanding workshop.

Low Unreacted TDI based systems

Covestro will be highlighting its Desmodur® Low Unreacted TDI based systems. Available in both an Ether and Ester series, these products are easy to process thanks to their low viscosity and long pot-life, while exhibiting excellent dynamic properties. From a Health & Safety point of view, these products further protect operators with free monomer content less than 0.1%.

Innovative MDI based system

The company developed a new generation of MDI based systems with an interesting balance between the advantages of both TDI and MDI based systems. Easy to handle with productive demoulding time and possibility to cast big volume parts, these systems enable to reach a large range of hardness with the same three components exhibiting good overall mechanical properties.

Easy process TDI-Ether based systems

Covestro will be focussing on its new generation of TDI-Ether based systems. These easy to process systems provide a cost-effective series enabling to reach hardnesses from 80 ShA to 75 ShD.

Application fields focus

The company will also focus on specific application domains for which Covestro has a proven expertise in developing appropriate solutions:

  • Mine & Quarry: Desmodur® MDQ24163 based systems for screens and Desmodur® MLQ22165 for flip-flop screens

  • Printing industry: Desmodur® TD6400 based systems for rolls and Desmodur® MDQ29170 for squeegees and blades

  • Handling industry: depending on the level of properties expected for the rollers, Covestro offers solutions from cost-effective Desmodur® TG3 based systems to high performing Desmodur® 15 (Vulkollan®) based elastomers.

Join us at the PU TECH India 2017 show

8 - 10 March
Booth A3
New Delhi - India


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