Covestro Elastomers at UTECH Europe 2018

Baulé® Machines: scalable equipment at its best

With the evolution of their business, our customers see their needs changing at sometimes unexpected speeds. Their requirements suddenly vary from what they were at the time of the purchase.

Baulé alpha machine

As an answer to this recurring situation, Covestro Elastomers came up with a new concept that will allow our customers to specify which features they want on their machine, and to keep on adjusting it to their needs as their circumstances evolve.

New needs: same machine

It is no longer necessary to go for a new machine: the fully customizable and scalable design enables one to alter and refine the profile of a previously owned machine, or to create the exact tool you have in mind to match your needs. To allow such extensibility and precision, our engineers had to forgo machine ranges to leave the way open for a vast array of functions that can now be combined, dissected and rearranged at our customers’ discretion.

Auto-calibration: effortless accuracy

Eager to lighten the operators’ workload and increase process reliability, our engineers developed an auto-calibration mode. Increasing the machines’ metering accuracy, this innovative calibration mode is self-driven, which allows the operators to rely on precise parameters and dedicate their full attention to the molding process.

New HMI: productivity and performance within hand’s reach

Covestro Elastomers’ Human-Machine Interface has been entirely remodeled for a more intuitive use, as well as interactive operations between machine, operators and technicians, be it on site or remotely.

Low Exposure & High Performance Ovens

Covestro Baulé® machines now feature the innovative High Performance Oven (HPO), which allows a much faster and accurate heating of the components. This optimized design can also be combined with the Low Exposure Oven (LEO) option which optimises safety standards by further reducing the operator’s exposure to chemicals when working with the oven.

An extensive lineup

Along with the previously mentioned innovations, the UTECH show will be the ideal stage to discover Covestro Elastomers’ latest work and products. With various upgrades and new launches, this edition of the event will mark a cornerstone for Covestro’s customers who will discover the new, optimized solutions that have been specifically designed to bring them more productivity, efficiency and safety.


Looking forward to meeting you at UTECH Europe 2018 on stand 530

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29-31 May 2018 - Maastricht - The Netherlands

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