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Desmodur® MTX6076/MT99xx: the innovative alternatives to MOCA cured systems

The processing of cast polyurethane systems may involve aromatic amines such as MOCA. Widely used as a chain extender for TDI based prepolymers, MOCA develops several advantages in terms of mechanical properties. However, while being easy to process, various constraints due to the REACH regulation may be applied to its handling in the near future.

To anticipate on the opportunities to come, the first idea is to shift to another amine chain extender instead of MOCA. However, this replacement often impacts both processing conditions and/or performance in a rather disadvantageous way.

On the other side, MDI based prepolymers may offer an advantageous way out. These systems allow to target specific performances. However, manufacturers generally have to observe the processing parameters with meticulous accuracy when using conventional MDI based prepolymers.

Easier handling in regards to Health & Safety

Aiming to offer the best solutions in terms of flexibility, properties, process and Health & Safety, Covestro made a significant push on MDI based systems to provide molders with high-performance solutions. These systems combine the best balanced advantages of both TDI and MDI based systems.

As for TDI based systems cured with MOCA, they provide easy processing and mechanical properties enabling them to suit a large variety of applications. On the other hand, like any MDI based system, they allow to target a specific performance and enable the access to a large hardness range with the same three components.

These products represent an innovation that provides manufacturers with an easy handling solution for producing polyurethane cast elastomers with an overall excellent range of properties.

Desmodur® MTX6076 based systems

The Desmodur® MTX6076 systems are more than just an easy handling alternative to TDI-MOCA systems. In fact, these products provide molders with an easy processing solution for producing polyurethane elastomers with an excellent range of properties. Compared with conventional TDI-MOCA systems, they develop better overall mechanical properties and are processed with more ease and comfort. The Desmodur® MTX6076 systems have been developed to provide easy processing with several advantages: adjustable pot life, low processing temperature and short demolding time. These characteristics make these systems suitable both for hand casting and machine casting of large parts.

Desmodur® MT99xx based systems

Thanks to their performance and especially their high dynamic properties, the Desmodur® MT99xx systems represent a solid alternative to TDI-MOCA systems. Moreover, these products are easy to handle and to process. With an excellent range of properties, they will be perfectly suited for applications requiring high dynamics such as wheels. With its adjustable pot life, Desmodur® MT99xx systems are easy to process. Their low viscosity increase while pouring allows both hand casting and machine casting of large parts.

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