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Innovative and sustainable materials help make the world a brighter place

Cast polyurethane at K2016

K 2016 in Düsseldorf marks the first time that Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, is appearing at the show under its new name. The company responds to key trends with its innovative and sustainable material solutions, courageously going beyond existing limits in its efforts to make the world a brighter place. Visitors to this premier gathering for the global plastics industry can find examples on display at Covestro's Stand 75A in Hall 6: Products and technologies for the automotive, building and electronics industries, but also new and unexpected applications in the fields of health, cosmetics, sports and fashion.

Cast Polyurethane pulley<br><span style="color: #999;">Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com</span>

Among all the applications displayed on the booth, a selection of innovative and sustainable examples of the products and technologies providing solutions based on cast polyurethanes for housing, electronics and sports, will be exhibited.

Electronics solution: roller or pulley for cutting sapphire

Smart phone screens are made of an extremely hard and crystal clear material: The sapphire. Wires are then used to cut it in very thin slices. This slicing process is performed by a multiple-wire saw machine. The wires are guided by rollers or pulleys coated with polyurethane elastomer to resist against the wearing effect of wires friction. The rollers or the pulleys must be resistant to tear and exhibit excellent dynamic properties. As lubricant is used to help the cutting, the parts must also be resistant to hydrolysis. Covestro offers solutions depending on the type of wire used. Desmodur® TT163 based elastomer (95 Shore A) are used for steel wire while Desmodur® TT174 based elastomer (60 Shore D) are used for diamond wire.

Housing solution: lamp shade

Ageing is a major issue for many plastics. As they are sensitive to UV, they tend to alter their original color. It is the reason why it requires specific care for plastics lamp shades. On the other hand, designers are looking for advanced materials which could inspire them in terms of shape, look and feel. Lamp shades made with Desmodur® HT40149 based PU elastomers remain remarkably UV stable. This Aliphatic-based system leads to crystal clear elastomers enables to color easily the lamp shades while letting the light go through. Its castable nature enables to achieve most creative designs and the final elastomer hardness (75 Shore A) provides the lamp shade with a “soft” touch.

Sports solution: wooden-core handmade skis

Covestro materials are used in the sandwich construction technology of wooden-core handmade skis. In order to improve productivity, the glue required to be dispensed evenly and precisely on the wood pieces during the manual process. With its very adaptable output combined with an accurate metering and an efficient mixing, Secmer® Dosamix machine did perform even beyond expectations. Covestro introduced at this occasion the polyurethanes interesting characteristics for this type of ski. Among these, Cellular Vulkollan® was for instance able to address key aspects like vibrations, comfort, stability.

Join us at the K2016 show

19 - 26 October
Hall 6 - Booth A 75
Düsseldorf - Germany


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