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Dedicated materials and customized equipment for industrial applications

Cast polyurethane at FEIPUR 2016

FEIPUR 2016 in São Paulo marks the first time that Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, is appearing at the show under its new name. The company responds to key trends with its innovative and sustainable material solutions, courageously going beyond existing limits in its efforts to make the world a brighter place. Visitors to this premier gathering for the global plastics industry can find examples on display at Covestro‘s Stand A2.

Castor wheel based on Vulkollan® elastomer

As examples of the products and technologies providing solutions based on cast polyurethanes for industrial applications, a focus will be made on the following applications fields :

Material handling: wear resistance, rebound and dynamics

Cutting-edge goods supply systems require increasingly efficient logistics centers, which depend on forklifts and order-picking vehicles that move heavy items quickly and reliably. Applications require thus tear and abrasion resistance, rebound and dynamic characteristics :
       Approved Covestro solutions for wheels and castors:
              •    Desmodur® MD1578 based systems
              •    Desmodur® LU-T based systems
              •    Vulkollan® based elastomers

Oil & Gas: resistance to extreme conditions

Choosing the most durable materials is a key part of developing the highest quality equipment. With decades of polyurethane elastomers experience, Covestro has developed leading material technology that offers excellent properties for various oil and gas applications.
      Approved Covestro solutions for PIGs and bend restrictor:
              •    Baytec® CG9 based systems
              •    Desmodur® LU-D based systems

Mine & Quarry: strength, durability & resistance

Equipment failure due to a material breakdown is not an option when running continuously such a time intensive production line. Covestro is a proven collaborator with mine and quarry original equipment manufacturers and provides materials that achieve optimal performance and cost efficiency.
       Approved Covestro solutions for screens and scrapers:
              •    Desmodur® MDQ24163 based systems

       Dedicated Covestro equipment for Mine & Quarry
              •    Baulé® Compact C3M+ machine featuring specific
                   features to meet the requirements of Mine & Quarry
                   part manufacturing.


Join us at the FEIPUR 2016 show

8 - 10 November
Booth A2
São Paulo - Brazil


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