Covestro Elastomers and RAW Material join to open a technical center in Brazil

Developing customer support with the opening of a Technical Center for polyurethane elastomers in Brazil

Nothing can really be better than raising skills to ensure success. It is especially the case for polyurethane elastomers: it requires multiple expertises over the processing procedure to achieve best moldings. Covestro Elastomers and RAW Material, distributor of its products in Brazil, are opening a Technical Center that will enable customer to get demonstrations of the Covestro Elastomers products, to increase the molding skills of operators with dedicated training and to benefit from several test services.

Providing our customers with the best and closest service possible, is what inspired Covestro Elastomers and RAW Material to create this dedicated center. Along with its broad expertise in polyurethane chemistry and processing equipment, Covestro Elastomers aims to share its strong field-knowledge in molding.

Established in Brazil for more than 25 years, Raw Material is representing and distributing products from global chemical players to several industrial markets. Since 2015 being the exclusive distributor of Covestro Elastomers’ products in Brazil, promoting systems, machines and after sales services.

“We equiped the Technical Center with all the processing devices required to perform moldings, details Mr. Nilson Sako, RAW Material CEO: ovens to heat the chemicals and the molds, all the equipment for hand casting, and one of the latest Baulé® alpha machine.”

“The three technicians working in the Technical Center have been trained by our experts at Covestro Elastomers headquarters in France, completes Jean-Paul Rodrigues, Regional Sales Manager for Covestro. Their exhaustive trainings enable them to handle all the challenges molders are facing in their workshop and qualify them for providing the customers’ operators with the assistance required to enhance their molding skills.”

Through this initiative, Covestro Elastomers and RAW Material provide their customers with a local solution for improving their production thanks to the trainings and the services offered: industrial scale testing, process optimization and prototyping.

Over the FEIPUR show, it will be possible for customers to visit the Technical Center. A shuttle will leave frequently from the show to the RAW Material premices (45min from São Paulo city downtown), where the Technical Center is located.

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