A proud past, a bright future

Building on a legacy of innovation, growth and customer service

At Covestro we follow a comprehensive business approach. This enables us to quickly understand our customers’ needs then respond with the optimal system, machine and service offering.

Authors: Jean-Bernard Lassara – Charlène Maisonneuve: ginko-photo.com

You can’t write the history of polyurethane without Covestro. We invented polyurethane and developed the landmark polyisocyanate-polyaddition process.

As the developer of polyurethane lacquers, casting elastomers, adhesives and rigid polyurethane foams, Covestro has been at the forefront of industry innovation and product development for more than 150 years.

On a similar trajectory, Baulé leveraged early success in the cast polyurethane industry to produce customized prepolymers and dispensing machines before developing ground-breaking innovations in elastomers.

Recognizing their synergies, Baulé and Covestro (formerly known as Bayer MaterialScience) agreed to join forces in 2008, bringing together the global network and long-term experience of Covestro with the extensive processing knowledge of Baulé. Subsequently, Covestro fully acquired Baulé in 2012 and integrated it with its existing elastomers business.

Today, we push the limits of technology through a strong focus on innovation. With our extensive application knowledge and strong production network, we are the preferred solution provider. We offer practical expertise in molding, a broad range of cast polyurethane formulations and customized low-pressure dispensing machines.

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