Quiet wheels for the heaviest loads

Material Handling: Desmodur® based elastomers deliver exceptional dynamic performance

From conventional toluene diisocyanate (TDI) systems, to dedicated diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) systems, to the well-known Vulkollan®, Covestro offers raw materials and systems for all material handling applications including wheels, castors, guide rollers and more.

Handling applications

Material handling industry applications require diverse properties including tear and abrasion resistance, rebound and dynamic characteristics. The broad range of Desmodur® systems and, at the forefront of performance, Vulkollan® offer ideal material solutions.

Cutting-edge goods supply systems require increasingly efficient logistics centers, which depend on forklifts and order-picking vehicles that move heavy items quickly and reliably.

Solid Vulkollan® wheel coverings enable these vehicles to achieve high travel speeds, offer a long service life and display outstanding elastic recovery.

The exceptional load-bearing capacity of Vulkollan® makes it possible for modern industrial trucks and high-speed machinery to operate consistently at maximum efficiency, making it the optimum covering material for wheels and castors.

Unrivalled performance with dynamic loads

Vulkollan® features a unique profile with superior mechanical load-bearing properties due to its outstanding tensile strength and tear propagation resistance. It also has extremely low abrasion even on rough surfaces, and high dimensional stability.

Additionally, Vulkollan® demonstrates outstanding dynamic load resistance thanks to its optimal shock-absorbing characteristics, excellent temperature resistance and an impressive ability to maintain the required material properties.

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