Effective damping and shock absorption

Outstanding dynamic elastomer performance for automotive applications

The automotive industry faces many challenges – greater comfort, safety, cost-efficiency, a longer service life and space-saving designs. For elastomers, this means outstanding dynamic properties and the combination of high-quality and consistent characteristics. Good deformation behavior, thermal stability and hardly any signs of fatigue under load are also essential characteristics.

Automotive applications

When manufacturing high-performance jounce bumpers, auxiliary springs or NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) elements, Desmodur® 15 (NDI) from Covestro is the component of choice.

The superior advantages of cellular Vulkollan® have proved their value in innumerable motor vehicles of virtually all makes around the world. A primary application is spring struts. Auxiliary springs made of cellular Vulkollan®, together with the shock absorbers and steel springs, are the main components responsible for ensuring that lightweight struts can do their job continuously even in limited spaces. The spring characteristics can be altered by varying the density of the auxiliary spring and its geometry. Additionally, designs that decouple the suspension from the body using damper bearings made of cellular Vulkollan® are a highly effective way of improving vehicle comfort and damping noise. The result? Exceptionally well-damped elastic resonance and reduced transmission of structure-borne noise into the body and the vehicle interior.

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