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Desmodur® based elastomers keep the printing process running smoothly

Covestro offers specific Desmodur® systems and Vulkollan® raw materials for use in a variety of printing applications. The low compression-set of the elastomers, solvent resistance and machinability are a perfect fit for squeegees, can-coating rollers, rollers, doctor blades and more.

Printing industry applications

Materials for printing applications must demonstrate high resistance to solvent-induced swelling and outstanding dimensional stability for consistently superior printing results – even when handling long print runs.

Our dedicated range of Desmodur® TDI- and MDI-based systems and our well-known Vulkollan® provide suitable solutions for your application requirements.

Our products offer:

  • High swelling resistance for consistently outstanding print quality
  • High shape retention and low setting under all conditions
  • Impressive heat stability and elasticity for a high profile resistance
  • High wear resistance for a long service life

Material for top-class squeegees

Perfect print results and maximum utilization of machine capacities can only be achieved with a top-class squeegee. Vulkollan® is the optimum material choice. With Vulkollan®, the properties of the squeegees can be adjusted perfectly to any job, print medium, material or technology. Vulkollan® is an ideal material for top performance in screen printing. The outstanding material properties of Vulkollan® allow much faster squeegee speeds and more economical use of the printing machines.

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